Well cared nails. Sign of an elegant lady

You can be young, regardless of your age. Any woman who daily cares his face, neck and shoulders can stop time slowing down your aging process. Once, our great-grandmothers apply natural oils, honey, herbal teas or fresh fruit to prepare potions and face masks soothing and smoothing the skin. Today, cosmetics manufacturers do it for us.

Fimelle offers creams developed exclusively based on natural products. We came back to the roots, to the best of nature: vitamins, minerals, natural mineral water. At the same time we use the benefits of science and technology, so that our products are modern and meet the expectations of our female consumers.

Let's start from the beginning.

1. Purifying

Daily facial cleansing  is the most important treatment of the day. Any, even the best cream used on contaminated and unprepared respectively skin never reaches the expected effect. So start with cleansing milk and tonic or micelar liquid to purify and moisturize your skin.