...about fim'ella


These days when store shelves there is a huge choices, it is difficult to find the right product which could meet all our needs and expectations. 

Therefore fim'ella created cosmetics based on natural raw materials, such as juice and pulp of the fruit, herbal and botanical extracts, honey and natural oils, which derived from fruits and vegetables. At the same time in our production we use the latest technologies to be immaculate products and fresh and non-allergenic. 

We would like to our female consumers over the world, and we invite you to our "world of fim'ella." in order to try our cosmetics , and be sure with fim'elle you will find something upscale and very unique and special !


In the interest of our clients we have prepared a 5 line of cosmetics for the face. Although each of the line is for a different type of skin problems, but as essential, however, some of the products may be combined because they are also suitable for other purposes. 
For example, the lotion and tonic with Vitamine C Injection Line, designed to couperose and sensitive skin can be used each game are saved no other skin types. Similarly Enzyme Peeling Soft Silk Line.


In order to meet expectations of our customers, we have prepared three lines of cosmetics to the body. We hope that both Wild Fruits and Orange Extract or Honeycomb find their enthusiasts. In our offer are two lines to the foot: Fresh Lime & Lavender and also Grapefruit Line designed to care your hands.